Monday 20 August 2007

How things go wrong.

I finally finished my short story collection, Inside Realms, after much delay in the last editing processes.
First a plotline just wouldn't mesh, (got it eventually), then the roofers (noise is very distracting when you are editing), and of course I must not forget the computer problems. (Never try to set up a new computer, and transfer files from the old one, when you do not have a great deal of time to spare.)
But, I persevered and at last, I uploaded the file to Went through the whole publishing process, uploaded the cover design, set the price, and had it ready for sale on my storefront. I even put links on my website.
Then on Sunday, I went to my storefront to check on things, and there it was: No Book. Due to problems on Lulu, the whole thing had been deleted. They are working on restoring the book, but I may have to re-publish.
It has left me wondering what else can go wrong?

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