Friday 9 January 2009

A Review: Ghost to Coast Tours and Haunted Places by Rhetta Akamatsu

A review of the book Ghost to Coast Tours and Haunted Places

This supernatural travel tour guide brings new meaning to the phrase “your favourite haunts”.
The essence of Ghost to Coast Tours and Haunted Places functions as a handbook for ghost tours and suspected haunted locations across the United States. It succeeds admirably, tantalising with intriguing accounts of apparitions, while supplying a nice directory of where to find the best places to go ghost hunting.
The book is laid out alphabetically by state, listing each state’s available ghost tours as well as some of the details of these colourful and fascinating tales. Several of the accompanying articles are by guest writers, giving them varying results of appeal, but nevertheless they all retain a certain entertainment value.
You’ll read short tidbits about famous ghosts, obscure ghosts, odd phenomenon, famous places and not so famous places. I especially found the references to Deadwood and Lawrence, Kansas interesting (for all you Supernatural and HBO fans out there). You will travel state by state through a whirlwind of ghostly phenomenon, your curiosity captivated by alluring tidbits of a spectral afterlife. The only complaint I can offer is that these otherworldly teasers were too brief; I ended up wishing for far more details and additional facts.
Ghost to Coast Tours and Haunted Places is a wonderful little paranormal manual, and would make an excellent companion for any would be paranormal enthusiast. The book has been well researched, is easy to read and always engaging. If you are looking for an atypical travel guide, or a thorough introduction to unexplained phenomenon, this is definitely the book for you.

Book Link: Ghost to Coast Tours and Haunted Places

Rhetta Akamatsu is a freelance writer, and an assistant editor of the ParaNexus Journal of Paranormal Research.
She has also penned the wonderful book, T’ain’t Nobody’s Business if I Do: Women Blues Singers Old and New and the craft recipe book for kids called Crafty Kids: Make Your Own Craft Recipes. You can find more information on all of her books at the website:

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