Saturday 7 February 2009

My Virtual Blog Tour

Announcing my Blog Tour!

For the next few weeks I'll be making the rounds on the internet. I'll be appearing as a guest on several blogs, doing posts and interviews; my book Chronicles of the Undead will also be spotlighted during the tour.

The scheduled dates are listed below:

Feb 7: You can check out my latest book Chronicles of the Undead (as well as many other fabulous books) at Authors and their Books

Feb 10: I will be interviewed at The Dark Phantom Review

Feb 13: I'm guest posting at Murder by 4. The post will be concerning theme in your writing.

Feb 16: I'll be discussing how to write tone and atmosphere in fantasy at Author's Studio

Feb 18: I' ll be writing about my insight on the 5 best ways to promote your book on a budget over at the blog of Joylene Nowell Butler

Feb 23: I'll be appearing at Rhetta's Blog, writing about paranormal characters

Feb 27:

Mar 2: My vampire character, Henri Forain will be interviewed at Pat Bertram Introduces...

March 4:

And don't forget, if you missed any, you can still check them out; that's the wonder of cyberspace.


Pat Bertram said...

Would you like me to interview one of your characters for your blog tour? (Actually, you can do as many interviews as you want.) If so, I will post it (them) and link it to all the other articles you did for me.

You can find the interview questions here:

Answer any you want (a minimum of fifteen, but there is no maximum), using the voice of your character. It's a bit more work than is generally required for a guest blogger, but it's also different and fun (for readers).

ChickJ said...

I like it! A cool way of introducing yourself to new readers.

Sheila Deeth said...

I'll plan to follow your tour and see if I can learn how it's done (as well as learning more about you and your books). I'd love to see one of your characters on Pat's blog; what a neat idea.

A. F. Stewart said...

Sheila, part of my post on book promotion (the Feb 18th stop) will be about organizing a blog tour.
And the character interview is in the works.

Anonymous said...

yes.. strange thoughts )

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