Tuesday 3 March 2009

Book Spotlight: Vital Signs of Recovery by Linda K. Rudder

A first for this blog as I put the spotlight on the book, Vital Signs of Recovery, by author Linda K. Rudder.

I was “Released on my own Recognizance,” so to speak, on July 6, 1957.

It seems I began running up an insurmountable emotional debt almost immediately upon my arrival. I tried to coerce everyone in my life into making the payments. Imagine, if you will, the proverbial beggar. In a tattered, dirty overcoat, tin cup in outstretched hand, dark glasses perched on a forlorn weathered face- the epitome of desperation.
Now, try to mentally impinge the frame of a five-year-old little girl who’s curly blond ringlets fall around a face housing big brown eyes, hidden behind the dark oversized glasses. The coat hangs like a drape, while a chubby hand barely emerges from the wrinkles of too-long sleeves, which pile around the cup it clutches.
That was me…no less pathetic, contrived in charm, and much more effective in getting my cup filled to a sometimes overflow of imposed upon compassion. However, when filled, it was never enough and when it overflowed, it was always wasted.
My approval addiction.

Vital Signs of Recovery is a ministry to all who endeavor to exchange the bondage of fleshly limits with the bounty of spiritual desires.


To Learn More About Linda K. Rudder and Her Work Visit:


Sheila Deeth said...

Interesting. Thanks for the introduction.

Jim's Words Music and Science said...

Hi. I'm here at A. F. Stewart's prompting. I review fiction at Nearly nothing but novels, and write mainly on the environment. It was a pleasure to read this posting. Best wishes, Jim

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