Wednesday 12 August 2009

A Book of Memorable Poetry.

My Book Review of stains: early poems by Lori A. May:

I was quite delighted with stains: early poems; the author Lori A. May has managed to convey in her poetry a striking impression. Her poems range from the harmonious to thought provoking and are always wonderfully intimate.

The book is formatted into seven categories, cleverly titled as different types of smudges: grass, coffee, ink, salt, smoke, blood, sweat. The poetry contained within these categories matches the feel of each word, suggesting a distinct mood. The poems themselves are beautifully written in stark, precise imagery; you often feel as if you are peering through a window, glimpsing at the years of someone’s life.

“summer sands sweeping
across the winter of my skin
sweet tangy lemon
quenching my hot mouth”

The poetry is an admirable reflection on various aspects of existence, most often dealing with softer subjects such as memories, love or minute bits of life, but when the author occasionally veers into more demanding themes the verse truly shines.

“smart girls don’t think
she says

just keep your thoughts to yourself

smart girls don’t talk

she says

that mouth of yours can be big trouble

they don’t want little girls

telling them what to do she says

they want to feel as though

they are kings”

I definitely recommend this book. It is a charming volume of poetry and a superb read for anyone who loves verse.

stains: early poems is available at and Barnes and

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Sheila Deeth said...

I love the pieces you quote. This does sound worth looking out for. Thanks.

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