Friday 23 July 2010

A Book Sale

If anyone was thinking about buying my latest book, The Incomplete Guide to Action Movies, now is the perfect time.  Due to a glitch in the system my book did not show up in search results immediately after I published.   By way of an apology they are offering it at a discount for readers.

You can now purchase The Incomplete Guide to Action Movies at 15% off with coupon code BEACHREAD305 until August 15, 2010, Just use the coupon code at the checkout!

Almost everything you need to know to enjoy an action film!

Presenting an irreverent manual for dissecting an action movie, a guide to the nuances of that summer blockbuster!

Consider musings about crashes, clichés and cannon fodder!

Discover how to survive an action movie!

Learn the proper way to watch a bad action film!

Disagree with the recommendations and the top ten lists!

Read all about it today (at 15% off)!

1 comment:

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

A discount is always a wonderful thing. Thanks, Anita.

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