Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Bite of Crime: A Review of Half and Half

My Book Review of Half and Half by Betsy Miller:

"It's Friday night at the local roadside diner when Roy stops in to fuel up for a night of gambling. He's got a bankroll, and the knockout at the bar just let him buy her a drink. It's boom or bust and the night is just getting started. Is Roy a high roller, or is someone else about to show him up?"

The short story Half and Half by Betsy Miller is a quick, entertaining read and was a nice introduction to the author. The story had an engaging style and well penned characters that come to life with verve and slightly dodgy dispositions.

The tale is a bit of a half and half itself, with its skilful plot part crime tale, part human nature narrative. The author mixes all the elements well and comes up with a satisfying tale for the reader. There’s also a nice twist to make things interesting.

In all, it was a great story, a fast read, and I look forward to reading more from the author.  I can easily recommend it.

Half and Half is available at:
Untreed Reads
Barnes and Noble

Website of Betsy Miller:

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