Wednesday 13 June 2012

Welcome to Shadows of Kings and the Dragon Rising...

Today we have a guest, author Jack Whitsel.  Jack is currently on a blog tour for his new fantasy book, Shadows of Kings, and he brings us an introduction this novel, the first in the Dragon Rising series.

Welcome to Shadows of Kings and the Dragon Rising Series

With the June release of Shadows of Kings upon us -  I thought I would share a sneak peak of the region and provide a list of characters. Thanks to everyone who have contributed to this journey.

Shadows of Kings

Steel and sorcery clash as the Harhn incursion sweeps through the Hugue. Only Lord Baudouin and Lady Lucia, a Dragon Maiden from the Order, stand in the enemy's path.  Only together will there be any hope to repel the onslaught, and preserve the future for a mysterious girl they do not know.

The Players:

Lady Lucia – Dragon Maiden of the Order
Lord Baudouin – Son of Duke Theudis
Rizela – Princess and Sorceress of the Darkfey
Ghruelnar – Sorcerer and leader of the Harhn Horde
Alaric – Dragon Initiate of the Order
Norris – Cousin and Standard Bearer of Lord Baudouin
Flannery – Cousin of Lord Baudouin
Isidore – Knight of Mersalia
Gui - A peasant from Marcellus
Dragana – Young sorceress, daughter of Lord Yannic of the Order.
Celestine - Sorceress
Duke Theudis – Duke of Camille and Standard Bearer of King Amger.
King Amger – King of Mersalia

The Founding:

According to the Hugue Calendar, the region was established over five hundred years ago. Following the Great War between Elves and Men, Humans from the Ancestral Plains, fearing another onslaught from the Elves, left their homes and traveled across the Barren Steppe to the region called the Hugue.[1]  The settlers comprised of nobles and commoners from the various cities decimated by war. Together, they made the long journey, putting aside cultural differences in order to start a new beginning. Upon reaching the Hugue, they found the region infested with Harhn and all manner of foul beasts. Led by Lord Theudemund of House Amric, the warriors from the assembly of Men, combined with the native Humans and Halflings of the region, drove the beasts from the Hugue. After this great victory, the Principalities were established. Each sovereign of the three strongest factions were married to one of Theudemund's daughters as a token of good will and to strengthen the newly formed alliances. Theudemund’s son became the  King of Mersalia. The other Principalities formed were Pratalsia, Gruneheim, Cadyrnia, and Mersalia. The already existing Principalities were Verslund, Vhor, and Henstubber.

[1]  There is no documented evidence that describes who started the war. The scholar’s sentiment suggests the Elves were purely behind the conflict.

You can find more on Jack, his blog tour and his books at his website:

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