Friday, 20 July 2012

Review: On Dark Shores 2: The Other Nereia

My Book Review of On Dark Shores 2: The Other Nereia:

The second volume in the On Dark Shores series, The Other Nereia, lives up to the promise of the first book and expands the story in an ever-twisting spiral of strange and secretive happenings.  Like the first book, it is a plethora of sparkling language and delicately woven story.

The Other Nereia begins where the first book ended, with the immediate gathering of the dangling plot threads from The Lady.   From there we see the consequences of Nereia’s recovery, Copeland’s continued descent into madness, Blakey’s worsening addiction, and more on Vansel, Jack, Mickel and their secrets.  Also, we see other characters, such as Madam, begin their rise to the forefront.

As I stated in my review of On Dark Shores: The Lady, JA Clement’s prose is enchanting, and her subtle touching at twisting the plotlines is just as marvellous in Book Two.  Layer by layer her characters get more complex and her story more intriguing.  As a reader I was engrossed, speculating at where Nereia’s fate journeyed, feeling sympathy for Blakey, despite his thuggish actions and wondering what fortunes would befall the rest as dangers loom.

I can’t say enough good things about the On Dark Shores series, and I highly recommend The Other Nereia.  Of course, now I have to wait patiently for the remainder of the story.

On Dark Shores 2: The Other Nereia is available on AmazonKobo, B&N Nook and Smashwords

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