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Interview with Frank Fiore

 Today we have a fascinating interview with the intriguing writer Frank Fiore...

An Interview With Frank Fiore

Why don’t you begin by sharing a little about yourself.
Though most of my life I’ve been an entrepreneur, I’ve always enjoyed being a teacher. In fact I hold a Masters Degree in Education. This ability to help people learn translates into the kind of books I write. My non-fiction books are all about learning how to market on the Internet, how to start and online business and how to shop online. I’ve sold over 50,000 copies of those types of books. 

You’ve written a thriller series, Chronicles of Jeremy Nash.  Can you tell us about it?
Jeremy Nash is a noted debunker and skeptic of conspiracy theories, urban legends and myths is drawn into pursuing them.  Each Nash chronicle in the series is a thriller that sends Nash on an investigation of these myths and legends. Though he doesn’t believe in any of them, he is forced into pursuing them by threats to the lives of his family members or himself or threats to his reputation. The Chronicles is three book series that is available on the Nook, Kindle and Apple platforms. I am currently running a promotion for the books. Two of them are selling for only .99 cents and SEED, the second book is being offered as a serial of 15 parts that can be downloaded from Smashwords for free. 

Like myself, readers love challenges and my stories seek to challenge their minds. The kind of stories that reflect the personal challenges that they face in their day-to-day lives.  My stories, in many ways, reflect the challenges I had in my life. The back-story, so to speak, of the novel. I hope my fiction through the characters and what they face in my stories, can open the door a little wider and cast light on how we deal with the world and face it’s challenges.

You’ve written numerous successful non-fiction books.  Why did you decide to write fiction?
I’m turning my talents to writing fiction to both entertain and to teach.  That kind of writing is called geek fiction. Geek fiction breaks the boundaries of formulaic writing. It introduces intellectual acumen and provides a thoughtful, entertaining diversion for the reader. While the genre niches I write in can be varied – thrillers, action/adventures/ speculative history, short stories, and mainstream fiction - my books challenge readers and surprises them with well-paced, well researched and compelling stories.

My readers have higher-than-average IQs or advanced educations, and are looking for intellectual challenges and extraordinary entertainment that is well-crafted fiction transcending traditional genre boundaries, providing both literary character development and an interesting plot.

Was it difficult to transition from writing non-fiction to writing a fiction series?
In a way, my non-fiction taught me how to create a logical progression of ideas.  In the case of fiction, it helped me create an entertaining and logical plot. But though I can write interesting characters and unpredictable plots, I need to have a story polisher ‘beef up’ my prose. I use one for every one of my stories.

Early in your career you founded, wrote and edited the New Times newspaper.  What was that experience like?
It was my very first foray in to the entrepreneurial world. I knew nothing about the newspaper business – less about journalism. But several college dropouts and myself came up with an idea for an alternative newspaper in a very traditional community. It hit and nerve and took off.  Though I left the paper early to pursue other opportunities, it is now a multistate operation and part of the establishment now.

You’ve worked as a researcher, designed and taught courses and seminars on the future of society, technology and business, and served on several vital committees.  How much has this social and educational work influenced your writing?
Much. I have always been interested in all the disciplines and have read extensively on many subjects. This knowledge acquired over the years acts as source material for my novels like CYBERKILL, the Chronicles of Jeremy Nash.

Can you tell us about a few of your other books?
My first novel is CyberKill. It’s a techno-thriller that answers the question “How far will an artificial intelligence go for revenge?” It’s garnered 5 star ratings on Amazon.

What advice would you give beginning writers?
Don’t write for money or fame. Write because you enjoy telling a story. If that story is good enough, the money and fame will come. 

What’s your next book or project?
I’ve just finished a novel called Murran. Murran is the story of a young African-American boy named Trey coming of age in the 1980s, and his rite of passage to adulthood. Trey is a member of a ‘crew’ in Brooklyn and is enticed into helping a violent street gang. He is eventually framed for murder and flees with his high school teacher to the teacher’s Maasai village in Kenya. Trey goes through the Maasai warrior’s rite of passage, becomes a young shaman, and returns to America to confront and defeat the gang leader that framed him.

How can people find out more about your book? 
Go to my author site at www.frankfiore.com and my blog at http://frankfiore.wordpress.com/ 

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