Saturday, 13 April 2013

Book Review: The Rebels by Elizabeth Lang

My Book Review of The Rebels: 

The novel The Rebels, the sequel to The Empire, is as engrossing as the first book in the series. The author, Elizabeth Lang, once again creates an adroit plot with strong direction and fascinating characters.

The novel picks up where The Empire left off, with heroes, Adrian, Kali and Bryce, turned fugitive and on the run. Quickly, trouble follows and the intrepid band of three are separated, with Adrian falling into the clutches of a bounty hunter and Kali and Bryce out to rescue him. But things are never what they seem, with changes of heart, and new faces and old stirring up danger.

As with the last book in the series, The Rebels best strength lies in its strong characters and their interaction with one another. Despite the fact the two main characters of Adrian and Kali are separated for much of the book, I like the way the author intensified their relationship. Also, I enjoyed the subtle interplay between the bounty hunter and the new character of Dr. Adding. They challenged each other, with attraction and respect creeping in over time.

The storyline is nicely paced and meshes together smoothly, with a deft touch of tension in the right spots. I did find the endgame of the plot a bit predictable, if still entertaining. However the cliffhanger at the end was out of the blue and shocker for me (I definitely did not see that twist coming).

The Rebels is a terrific book and I highly recommend it.

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