Sunday, 21 July 2013

Welcome to the Kintsugi Poets Society Blog Hop!

Kintsugi Poets Society Blog Hop

Welcome to the blog hop for the launch of the Kintsugi Poets Society!

Where poets plumb the depths of the black and bleak to extract the shadowy beauty within. For the next week you will be treated to the somber side of poetry, sent on a journey into the lyrical, dusky mists to emerge on the other side of the enigmatic darkness...

...unchanged or transformed?
Only time will tell.

"Turning dark cracks & broken fragments into golden seams of poetry."

Our theme for this hop is: Darkness


Night cascades, alive
Its shrouded obscurity
of sunless splendour

Join us for the next week in this veritable fest of poetry, as we, Kintsugi members, post our creative musings on our blogs and on the main site for the Kintsugi Poets Society:

And be sure to come back each day for a new poem from me, and head over to the Kintsugi Poets Society for details on all the other wonderful poets taking part.

And as an extra bonus in honour of the launch, I'm running a contest.
The prize is a free copy of Reflections of Poetry from Smashwords.

Enter over at my Facebook Page all week
you can enter here on this post

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