Thursday 31 October 2013

#CoffinHop Day 8: A Halloween of Villains

On this, the last day of Coffin Hop, I present to you a little song I composed. Just don't ask me to sing, it won't be pretty.

This one is for the geeks…

This ditty is to be sung as a duet, with one singer crooning in the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas style, and the other doing spoken asides of the words in brackets. The first line should be sung together, and the last two lines are to be spoken.

On the Dark Eve of Halloween, my true love gave to me...

Twelve Trolls Fighting (Over who gets the last holiday cookie)
Eleven Witches Brewing (And it wasn’t coffee)
Ten Lords a-Sithing (Sithing, really? That’s not even a word. They’re Sith Lords; it’s a title)
Nine Nazgul Riding (Run, Frodo, Run)
Eight Wicked Pirates (Sorry, no Captain Jack Sparrow)
Seven Zombies a-Snacking (Brains! Braaains!)
Six Borgs assimilating (Resistance is futile)
Five Golden Dragons (A hot time in the old town tonight)
Four Arkham Escapees (Batman’s got his hands full)
Three A.I.’s (It’s HAL, the Matrix, and Skynet)
Two Malicious Mutants (Call the X-Men, quick!)
And an Evil Queen with an Apple (Poisoned, of course)

I'm going to need more room on my collectables shelf (you got that right).

For more scary stuff on this last day, scroll down for the list of Coffin Hoppers, and don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter contest, it’s your final chance. Winners of all the contests will be announced tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

* Insane geeky laughter *

A. F. Stewart said...

Thank you, just what I was hoping for.

Aspen deLainey said...

I come to your site first to get my morning smile
Thanks for supplying all the grins.
Write on!

A. F. Stewart said...

Always a pleasure to oblige with the grins, Aspen.

smiles said...

Every time I look at that pumpkin, I think it's for WVU.

DarcNina said...

I absolutely love this! Fantastic close to Coffin Hop!!

A. F. Stewart said...

Thanks, I did a similar one a while ago for Christmas, so I thought why not for Halloween.

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