Monday 11 November 2013

Poems For Remembrance Day

For this Remembrance Day, some poems in memory of the fallen:

Through the Eyes of a Soldier

One breath, one individual breath,
exhaled slowly across the arena of battle.
A small impulsive act, to muster your valour,
before you step into war, into the killing field.
Where bodies drop upon the trampled ground,
where you will choke on grime and acrid smoke,
as the earth grows sodden, drenched with blood,
and the air will hum, unreal, with lingering death.
Pain is the final sensation your body will know,
before you succumb and fall, with one last breath.

In Memoriam

Battlefields of scarlet
where the flowers grow
and the wind blows past
the fallen soldiers.
Where the flowers grow
with memories of soldiers;
ghosts not forgotten.
And the wind blows past
rows of weathered stone,
that mark their graves.
The Fallen Soldiers;
lives given, sacrificed
in war, in honour.

Soldier Boy

Play me a tune for Death;
he has passed this way.
A sad lament, for those
who shed their final blood
on this forlorn battlefield.
Play a song of sorrow
for your fallen friends.
Each and every soul
who shall never grace
again, this vibrant earth.


susanbudig said...

The first decastich is intense with images and pain.

Soldier Boy's last three lines drive straight into my heart.

A. F. Stewart said...

Thank you. If I remember correctly, Soldier Boy was written for one of your prompts.

Kerry Dexter said...

Soldier Boy brings to my mind the piper's tune MacCrimmon's Lament, from Scotland.

A. F. Stewart said...

Possibly some of my heritage crept into that one.

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