Sunday 23 March 2014

Dream A New World

Here's a quick bit of fiction for you today...

Dream A New World

Tick. Tick. Tick.
She heard the sound of the clock long before the darkness lifted and the golden light let her see again. Then came the familiar, if eerie, creak of the gates as they opened wide, beckoning her forward.
She sighed, gazing once more at the beautiful and peculiar sight that unraveled in front of her. The clock tower stood tall, in the middle of a sea, silhouetted by a golden sunset, while a gondola sailed the clouds above. The boatman shouted down to her, but his words were lost in the rush of wind.
The sky coloured itself a turquoise hue, lit by a shimmering amber radiance. The light danced around, and through, the clock tower, while reflections of the surrounding vista shifted constantly. The soft lap of waves reached her ears, mixed with the cry of invisible birds, and she tasted salt on her lips.
She stood here a thousand times before, or maybe it was only once for a thousand lifetimes; she couldn't be certain anymore. She wondered why she came, why these dreams drew her here. Perhaps a punishment, a curse? No explanations were ever given.
She sighed again as her foot stirred, restless to begin. She walked into the sea, towards the clock tower, the water creeping higher and higher with each step. Laughter sang out from the gondola, the clock chimed midnight, and still she walked, unable to stop until she submerged and drowned.

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