Monday 14 April 2014

The Writing Process: A Blog Hop

The Writing Process Blog Hop

An author friend of mine, Sarah Butland, tagged me for this blog hop, and sent me some fascinating questions to answer. So, this time I'm the one in the spotlight. 

Here's our mini interview, I hope you enjoy:

Is there a contest that you entered or won which changed your life forever?

I can’t say there was, I’m afraid; I've never had much luck with contests. Although there was an elementary school competition where my haiku got selected for a publication. I remember being quite proud of that, and it gave my mother bragging rights for a bit.

How much of your day is spent writing new and/or marketing old.

I think that depends on the day. I do try to achieve a balance between the two, but sometimes I get caught up in one or the other. I get on a writing roll, and the time ticks by and the next thing I know those marketing tweets or that blog post will have to wait. Or promos and events push back the writing. And then some days I’m just a buzz with multi-tasking: writing, marketing, whatever. It does help to schedule some marketing in advance though, like blog posts and tweets.

What's the best story you've ever read and how did its marketing catch your attention?

The best story I ever read was published way, way back before I even dreamed of marketing, namely All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury. As a child, I found it I the back of a magazine I bought through the Scholastic program at school. That story was the catalyst that started my lifelong love of short fiction.
More recently though, I discovered the brilliant book series, On Dark Shores by J.A. Clement, and I found her marketing strategy caught my attention. She hearkened back to the olden days of serial novels by publishing a sequence of ongoing novellas, each one being a part of the whole story, and continuing the chapters from the previous book.  I’m not certain any author could have pulled it off, but her writing is so exceptional, she has her readers well hooked.

My latest book

And now here’s a bit about the two authors that I've tagged for the hop. I hope you’ll check out their blogs; it will be worth the time:

Steve Vernon
Steve Vernon lives and works in Nova Scotia Canada, and is the author of such books as Haunted Harbours: Ghost Stories From Old Nova Scotia, The Lunenburg Werewolf And Other Stories of the Supernatural, Maritime Monsters, Sinking Deeper, Sudden Death Overtime, and Tatterdemon.
He’s traveled right across Canada and has worked as a factory hand, house painter, field worker, tree planter, roustabout, woodworker, artist's model, fiddlehead picker, blueberry raker, woodchopper, warehouse strawboss, snow shoveller, garden digger, environmental criminal and anything else that paid a buck. He’s married with children and has a cat named Kismet.

Axel Howerton
Axel Howerton is an award-winning poet and the author of the quirky neo-noir pulp detective novel Hot Sinatra, the mini-anthology Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy, and a bevy of short stories and hidden gems. Axel is a former editor for Dark Moon Digest and, as the long-time Senior Editor of Eye Crave DVD/Eye Crave Network, he was one of the champions of the burgeoning b-movie scene of the early-mid 200′s and one of Canada’s webtertainment pioneers.
Axel is also the co-creator and organizer of the annual Coffin Hop online author extravaganza, and the owner-operator of Coffin Hop Press. His fiction has recently appeared in Big Pulp, Fires on the Plain, Steampunk Originals Vol. 1, the Big Lebowski companion piece Lebowski 101, the LGBQT anthology Clones, Fairies and Monsters in the Closet, A Career Guide To Your Job In Hell and the best-selling holiday anthology Let It Snow: Season’s Readings For A Super-Cool Yule.
He is a member of the Crime Writers of Canada and lives in the wilds of Western Canada with his two brilliant young sons and a wife who is way out of his league.

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