Saturday 17 January 2015

Book Spotlight: Mental Damnation: Dream

Today on the blog, I shine the spotlight on another intriguing book, this time the dark fantasy Mental Damnation: Dream by Konn Lavery, the first volume in a series. Enjoy.

Mental Damnation: Dream by Konn Lavery

Mental Damnation: A brain disease that causes horrific hallucinations, paranoia and schizophrenia. Normally this disease is only seen in humans, but an underworld reptilian named Krista has been infected and is discovered in the Kingdom of Zingalg under strange circumstances.

She becomes a key interest of two men, Paladin and Dr. Alsroc, who struggle to cure the nightmarish disease. Krista finds herself torn between two worlds, gaining acceptance amongst the humans of Zingalg while fighting to survive in the hellish dream world of Mental Damnation. Or is it reality?

Inside this uncertain realm known as Dreadweave Pass, Krista is being hunted down by the realm’s ruler – a corrupt god known as the Weaver who wants her blood for his retribution plot against the Heavens that once banished him!

You can find Mental Damnation: Dream on Amazon

Author Bio:

Writing has always been a fascination of his since he was a kid and his long term goal is to be a full time fiction writer. When he was young, he was inspired to write after watching movies or playing video games because he wanted to create the same awe factor that the movies/games brought him. Konn was part home schooled in high school and found it gave him flexible time to spend on his hobbies, such as drawing and writing.
One feature he enjoys about writing is the ability to share a story/moral with people, and it can be delivered in varying narrative contexts such as board game creation, cartooning/storyboarding, comics and video games. He's always been a fan of mixing media to tell a story, which is why for Mental Damnation he included a lot of visuals through the glyphs and illustrations. Even though they are not key elements to the story they supply extra/different content for the readers.

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