Tuesday 3 February 2015

Book Spotlight: The Conviction: Enacting Vigilante Justice

Today on the blog I have another book spotlight, this time on the recently released crime thriller, The Conviction: Enacting Vigilante Justice by John Mathews.

The Conviction: Enacting Vigilante Justice by John Mathews

Two criminals are responsible for an innocent man getting sentenced to life for murder. An inept defense attorney and a crooked prosecutor are the other players in this case of egregious American corruption.

The four of them have been lured into a trap in an abandoned warehouse. Someone wants vengeance. This is a story of vigilante justice for the wrongfully convicted. Marked doors lead to four locked rooms, one where each of them will have to pay a price for what they have done. What will they be required to do in order to survive?

This riveting crime thriller puts the American justice system in public view and will keep you guessing until the very last scene. A dark masked figure watches...waits...and wants revenge.

The Conviction: Enacting Vigilante Justice is available on Amazon

Author Bio:

About John Mathews:

I'm a tenured University Professor living in Rome, Italy. As I move toward retirement after a long and somewhat stressful career, I feel the desire to break out of the mold and delve into fiction which focuses on the dark side of human nature, both that which is unfeeling and indifferent to the fate of others and that which derives pleasure and a feeling of power from pain inflicted on them. Why do people read thriller stories and horror stories? Maybe because these stories allow them to entertain the unimaginable in a realm where there are no holds barred and no room for remorse. I offer up what I hope is a tasty tidbit replete with secret panels, hidden doors, torture chambers, flawed characters, riddles needing to be solved, and buried treasure.

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