Wednesday, 29 April 2015

National Poetry Month Day 29: In Memory of Forgotten Loves #NaPoWriMo

To reminisce about lost love, on Day 29 of National Poetry Month...

In Memory of Forgotten Loves

Wandering the streets of old Paris, lost
in tender thought, our woven dreams rose glossed
Our sweet hands entangled, in youth’s concord
grasping absolute love, as we adored,
until affection fled with winter’s frost

Another love, passion’s kiss breathed star-crossed
Fire and ice, lovers sailing tempest tossed
The flame died quickly, we became unmoored—
wandering the streets

Years produced caution, and love less embossed
reflected esteem, contemplated cost
I tried, but often her heart, I ignored
The day she left, I watched as the rain poured,
churning the soot and the smell of exhaust
wandering the streets

© A. F. Stewart 2015 All Rights Reserved

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