Sunday, 16 August 2015

Book Spotlight: Iron Ruin (The Red Spire #1)

Today I have another book spotlight, this time for the dark fantasy/horror novel, Iron Ruin (The Red Spire #1) by Raymond Sykes. Enjoy.

Iron Ruin (The Red Spire #1) by Raymond Sykes

When the birdmen of Kashla-Gli attack 8-year-old Rgar Jin Falk’s village, he is sure his parents are dead, though the massacre is so brutal nothing but blood remains. He sets out on a journey with the cantankerous Old Man Kawley. On the way, they are waylaid by a god, who tells them that Rgar’s mother has been taken to Kashla-Gli. The god offers to transport them to the land to which his mother has been taken.

So begins the tale of Rgar Jin Falk, an 8-year-old boy who is forced to grow up fast. He will journey across Kashla-Gli in search of his mother, where he will encounter a spire from which all of creation can be observed, a Fire that lets him wield awesome power, a skin-changer, a damaged young girl, a one-eyed fencer, and the dreaded birdmen, who have ravaged every country upon which they’ve been unleashed.

(Contains adult themes, imagery, and language.) 

You can find Iron Ruin (The Red Spire #1) at:

Author Bio: 

Raymond Sykes is a graduate of English and History, a ghostwriter, and a purveyor of all things dark. He lives in Weston-Super-Mare, England, with his wife.
Growing up in Weston-super-Mare, a small seaside town in the South West of England, Raymond Sykes would sit on the beach and watch as holidaymakers enjoyed the Weston sun. He would imagine what kind of lives these people lived. A few months later, he penned his first story, "The Snail and the Seahorse", to the critical acclaim of an over-enthusiastic mother and a mildly disinterested father. This began his career of voracious writing and reading that led to a lifetime dedication to words.

You can check out more from the author, and his books at his his blog:

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