Wednesday 9 December 2015

Drabble Wednesday: Fall

It’s time for another Drabble Wednesday, and today we fall from grace, the sky, and loneliness…


One step.
Down the dangerous path.
One step aside of normal.
Tumbling into that dark temptation, past self-preservation. Hoping you don’t get caught, but loving the adrenaline rush. That’s how it feels the first time. Your heart pounding, your breath seemingly frozen in your throat, right before you thrust the knife. There’s nothing better than watching someone bleed out, seeing that pool of red seep into ever widening circles. Knowing someone else’s fear. Knowing you ended a life. That you held all the power.
It just takes one small step.
So, what do you think? Are you ready to try?


From Heaven

Have you ever felt the delicate wisp of cloud vapour tickle your face?
I have. I’ve raced the migrating birds, and soared through sunbeams at the edge of the world. I’ve flown past snow-capped mountain peaks, and let the starlight touch my wings. Children of sorrow took shelter under those strong wings, and I flew far. To the heavens and back, and all the beauty in-between.
Sweet memories tucked away to warm my thoughts. To chase away regret, that one mistake. Sometimes I stare at the sky and pray, but I can’t go back.
Fallen angels don’t get second chances.


Ardency Perception

Free falling into sunlight, aloft on capricious summer winds. Every sense reworked, floating as downy feathers, each sundry care dispelled in dappled daydreams. You are plummeting from dizzying heights, surrounded by the perfumed scent of roses and honeysuckled jasmine. Pulse pounding, awash in heady Elysium.
There is no safety net.
You descend blissfully, tumbling against the currents of wisdom and fools. Each breath exhaled with transcendent exaltation, and nebulous joy tempered by trepidation. You want no pinions to sustain you, nothing to break your intoxication euphoria.
You are eager for more. You let go, engulfed. You are falling into…

© A. F. Stewart 2015 All Rights Reserved

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