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The Bookminder Blog Tour

For those of you following along, you will remember the cover reveal for The Bookminder, and the inclusion of a sneak peek of the novel in my holiday book list. Well, it's been lauched and is (along with its author) on tour to celebrate the release. I have a look at the book and a short interview with the author M. K. Wiseman, plus a Rafflecopter Giveaway.

So without further adieu, may I present...

Some links where you can find The Bookminder

The Book Trailer

An Interview with M. K. Wiseman

How did you come up with the concept of your story?

In 2004 I had a very vivid dream that, afterward, wouldn't leave me alone. Said dream basically detailed out one scene from the story, something so different and captivating for me that it stuck. Now, it must be noted that I was not writing at that time, nor did I intend to write in any professional capacity. But as this one nugget of an idea would not let me be, I started to form a story around it – Why were these people doing what they were doing? Who were they?
I think that working in the Preservation Dept of the campus library system had bled into my subconscious and that is where the magick system that rules The Bookminder developed.

How did you come up with the title?

Haha, well, I had to actually do a bit of research to check my brain on this as, over time, there have been several incarnations, besides the working title of Wizard's Librarian. As a (former(?)) librarian, I was really hoping to keep the working title, as homage to my career and the work that had sparked the initial idea. But then we wanted to go with something simpler, brighter, and more “fantasy”.
The 'research' I allude to above? I just unearthed a Facebook exchange between a librarian friend and I from last March. In it she says she quite likes the new title and then asks “Who came up with that?”
My answer? “Honestly I don't remember . . . might have been my editor. We just started throwing things together.” Words that felt book-binder-y but not quite so literal. Things like “Spellbinder / Spellbound” seemed a bit too on the nose.

Please provide some insight into or a secret or two about your story.

The locations in Bookminder are real. Parentino truly did fall to ruins, while its twin fortification flourished. And while the town known as Dvigrad in the story did have another name, Moncastello, in keeping with the attitude of the characters in the story, I dropped the name from their fortification and merely called it Dvigrad. Call it a decision of character politics, if you will.
The tales of what actually happened to Dvigrad are a little muddled but history has the town mixed up in the middle of the Venice and Austrian conflict of the sixteenth century. And the town truly was abandoned due to plague—though history has that date at 1630 and Bookminder has it coming some 50-odd years later.

Who is your favorite author? Who has most influenced your work?

Two questions. Two answers:
Fav author? Have to go with Douglas Adams. His humor is superb. And while my brain tends to go a little sideways when reading his stories, that's part of my enjoyment of his very unique work. I appreciate that there really is no other author with his touch.
As for who has most influenced my work: Brian Jacques. While this may not seem the most obvious choice, hear me out.  His Mariel of Redwall is the very first book that I remember being completely in love with. I read, of course, before that. Quite a bit. But this one book seemed to change reading for me. It became more than merely enjoyable. Stories could be transcendent, not mere personal experiences. Reading could link you to others. Maybe it was just the right book at a certain moment in my life. But I was a lucky enough kid to meet Mr. Jacques on more than one occasion at bookstore readings/signings. He became my author rockstar and it was his stories that changed how I thought of books which, in turn, has influenced my writing at a very deep level.

What activities best give your brain a break? How do you unwind?

Sudoku. I love (so called) “killer” sudoku. Meditation. Running (which, unfortunately, sometimes puts my brain right back into production mode as much as it allows me a break.) I like video games and play pinball whenever I can get my hands on a good machine. Reading, of course. A hard or two of poker is like a brain-vacation. And, weirdly enough, I like to just stare out the window at the scenery watching birds, rain falling, tree branches moving . . . Oh! I almost forgot: Fishing. I have really gotten into that in recent years. Especially ice fishing. That's good stuff.

What are some of your other published works?

I have three short stories out through Xchyler—two steampunk and one paranormal. Those were a blast to write. And if we “count” stories that I published to my blogs for fun, then I also lay claim to two (currently haitus-ed) continuing stories: one steampunk, one . . . not. :)

And here's a just for fun nerd list from our author:

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars (Though I am a sucker for Voyager.)
Hunger Games or Divergent? Neither? I know that sounds terrible. I just never got into the 'dystopian' thing. Too intense for me.
James Bond or Jack Ryan? Erm, *embarrassed blush* I haven't ever read or seen a James Bond novel or movie and actually had to Google “Jack Ryan” to find out who that was.
Sherlock: Robert Downey, Jr. or Benedict Cumberbatch? Jeremy Brett. :)
Spock: Leonard Nimoy or Zachary Quinto? Leonard Nimoy.
X-Men or Avengers? That has changed for me very recently, actually. Avengers now has the lead because of the excellence of the recent movies—great dynamics.
Aliens or Predators? Cue another embarrassed blush . . . Complete and total unfamiliarity here for me.
Minions or Penguins? Penguins.
Batman or Superman? Batman *But only because he has such cool toys!
Harry Potter or Pirates of the Caribbean? That's a tough one because I never really got into Harry Potter in the way that I'm sure this question is asking about and I loved “Pirates” so long as we stick only to the first movie.
Beatles or Rolling Stones? Beatles.
Peter Jackson or James Cameron? Peter Jackson. But only because I am largely unfamiliar with the main body of James Cameron's work.
Steven Spielberg or George Lucas? George Lucas.
Vampires or Werewolves? Vampires
LARP or MORPG? LARP – always wanted to try one.


The Bookminder by M. K. Wiseman

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January 9-16, 2016

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