Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Celebrating Shakespeare

We go Shakespeare again this week on Drabble Wednesday.

The Return of the Shakespeare Pirates

Prithee, tall and proud, stride the deck under the black flag of bones. Raise the cutlass and the rum and give no quarter in the battle. Huzzah, huzzah, we rule the seas. Proclaim to all the rousing cry of Pirate! Hark and give no hail, none to sail before our eyes upon the horizon. ‘Tis plunder, plunder we seek, to all we raise the cry of, Pirate!
Blow winds, fill the sails! Hie the ship forward, ever forward!
Spit cannon fire, and raid the kingdom, ungrateful wretches all!
Swing the cutlass, raise your voice, and shout the cry of, Pirate!


Another installment of the ongoing tales of Frankie and Joni…

Frankie Does Shakespeare

“Zounds! Forsooth! Is that a pie I see before me, wondrous topped with whipped cream and the reddest of cherries.”
“Huh?” I stared at Frankie, who entered the lunch room wearing tights and a weird shirt. “If you’re talking about dessert, then yes, it’s a pie.”
“Oh, marvels. My kingdom for a slice!”
“Help yourself.” Then it dawns. “Practicing for the virtual Shakespeare Festival, I take it?”
He eagerly cuts a slice of pie and pops a forkful in his mouth, before spitting it out. “Oh, that’s rhubarb. I hate rhubarb.”
I smile. “Methinks you doth protest, too much.”


This drabble’s a bit different. Tweets from Shakespeare…

Shakespeare Tweets!

To be a One Direction fan, or not to be: that is the question.
All the world's a stage for the Kardashians.
Now is the Winter is Coming of our discontent. #GameofThrones
Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, on Facebook. #RIPYorick
Is this a #selfie which I see before me? Oh, most egregious selfie.
Something wicked this way comes. #EvilQueen
Seeking the food he eats. Checkth out this wondrous lunch!
Lies told by an idiot, full of sound and fury! Taketh that you troll!
Write till your ink be dry…  write sorrow on the bosom of the earth #amwriting

© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved
with thanks to William Shakespeare

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