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Brain to Books Cyber Convention: Blood Spring - #OctoberFrights Day 6

Welcome to the end!

Day 6 of the October Frights Blog Hop

Today we sadly bid farewell to the October Frights Blog Hop, but I am finishing the journey with a look at another great event happening in April, Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo. This fabulous virtual convention is open to most genres, including horror. And I'll also have a little flash fiction for you after the convention spotlight, plus the last day for one giveaway (but the other is on until Halloween).

So on with the show...

What is the B2BCyCon?

The Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo—or B2BCyCon for short—is an online event modeled in the likeness of a State Fair and a comic book convention. Authors have virtual tables or “booths” just like at a real fair where readers can go and browse the selection. But unlike other events, the B2BCyCon is not just an event on Goodreads. It's not just an event on Facebook. It's not simply a blogging or website event. The Convention is a single three-day event stretched across all the internet world wide. We are on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Google+, more than three dozen websites, and We are on video, podcasts, the radio…We are in Greece, Japan, Australia, Bristol, New York, California, Alaska, Hawaii, South Africa, Jamaica, Israel, and India! If you found us through Goodreads, you found only a small branch of the Convention. If you found us through word of mouth, you only saw a sliver. With 160 in our first year, we quickly grew to 800 in our second year. Our third year projects an attendance of more than 2,000.

We are the event for book lovers. That is what we are.

Now for some of the goodies.

Quick Facts:

The Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo happens April 7th-9th, 2017
Registration is now open until March 17th
The convention is organized by, and the focus is on, genre.
Events, authors, and books will be grouped into their own genre niche.
The horror banner is under the title, Blood Spring. 

And here's a nifty graphic 

Some Event Highlights:

Book Expo
(A showcase for your books. Limit 3 per author.)

Genre Tour 
(Blog tours done to showcase each genre.)

Blog Hop
(Genre focused blog hop for websites)

Character Tournaments
(Characters face off against other characters. Voted on by readers. Winner wins free advertising from Brain to Books for 1 year. Limit 1 submission)

Character CosPlay
(Dress up as your character, snap that selfie, and submit. Voted on by readers. Winner of “Best Costume” wins free advertising from Brain to Books for 1 year. Limit 1 submission)

Cover Wars
(Add your book to the cover wars. Readers vote for their favorites. Winner receives 50% of the funds collected from this event. Free B2B Membership Required. Limit 1 submission)

Story Time
(Submit an excerpt for reading in the reading circle. Limit 1 submission)

Panel Discussions
(Live discussions broadcast on YouTube. For horror authors specifically, there is the Horror, Thriller, Suspense…What is the difference? panel, but be aware spots are limited with the panels)

Plus, many more events, so there's something for everyone.
You can dip in your toe, or jump in with both feet.

What's more, I'm overseeing the horror authors this year, so this is your official invitation to come check us out. I'd love to have a robust turnout this year and really showcase horror and its talented authors.

And even if you're not a horror author, come join the convention. 

Here's where you can find more information:

Now back to October Frights, and a little tidbit of a story to sail you off into the horizon...

Salt Wind and Bones

The frame of the boat creaked as it tossed on the waters, salty brine splashing its decks and through the rotting cracks of its wood. It lay heavy in the seas, its bowels drowning slowly. Wind blew the boat aimlessly, catching its sails with capricious whims, and whispering silent words to the sun-bleached skulls of the long dead crew.
And always, a lingering sigh greeted the sea’s breeze; a revenant of life, not quite dead but abandoned. A figure, ethereal as the morning fog, draped in translucent white, black locks flowing down her back, salty and damp. She drifted above the deck, among the bones, keeping watch. Hoping one day, they would find home…


And now for the Giveaways!

You can check out my Halloween Horror Haiku Giveaway! (live until October 31st) by clicking on the Giveaway Tab at the top of the blog or this link: Halloween Horror Haiku Giveaway!

And it's the last day for my October Frights Book Giveaway!
Winners should be announced tomorrow.

And now you can continue on this final day of your journey, and check out the rest of the Blog Hop and the delights these wonderful people have in store.


chickangell said...

B2b CyCon sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for another amazing blog hope. You rock!

A. F. Stewart said...

Thanks, glad you liked the post.

Debbie Christiana said...

Love the flash fiction!

A. F. Stewart said...

Thanks, Debbie.

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