Tuesday 30 October 2018

Halloween Week: Unconfined Delusions

Today we have a collection of creepy crawly things with a spotlight on a new release of horror stories, Unconfined Delusions, by author Angela L. Lindseth. Enjoy.

Unconfined Delusions, Beyond the Threshold by Angela L. Lindseth

Unconfined Delusions, Beyond the Threshold, contains snippets of fast-paced, twisted fiction. The stories question the morality of organ transplantation, corner you in a dank basement, and count down the last minutes before execution. Imagine a malignant aura wrapping its inky hands around your throat or fingernails searching for a vein. Don’t let your guard down because the next page might bite.

The words slither across the page, feed on insecurities, and corrupt dreams. Savor the weird deliciousness but read with the lights on. The land of Happily Ever After doesn’t exist behind this cover.

Unconfined Delusions is available at Amazon

Angela L. Lindseth’s first collection of flash fiction, Sanity’s Threshold: Slivers of a Twisted Mind, is also available on Amazon.

About the Author

Angela L. Lindseth was raised on the plains of South Dakota, and though she spent most of her life away, the draw of the Black Hills brought her back. She has a marvelous sense of humor, loves to sing, and has a great fondness for good beer. When not scrapbooking or making jewelry, she works on her dystopian novel, The Contraption, and writes flash fiction, some of which make her question her sanity.

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Toi Thomas said...

Sounds like a creepy collection.

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