Wednesday 16 January 2019

Interview with Author Bailey Ordiway

I have an interview for you today with the talented multi-genre author, Bailey Ordiway, who talks about his writing and his new thriller/romance book, Death Do Us Part. Enjoy.

Interview with Bailey Ordiway

Why don’t you begin by sharing a little about yourself.

There is definitely a lot I could tell you, explaining a person in short detail is hard. So, I'll stick to the basics... I'm happily married, as of right now I have a baby on the way. I love playing music, and love writing even more. Most importantly, things are going good lately. 

Could you tell us a bit about your latest book? 

Death Do Us Part is vastly different than anything I have ever written, but it is far and away the most fun I have ever had writing. It is from the POV of a psychopath and follows him as he juggles his newfound romance and blood lust.

You write in several genres. Do you have a favourite? And if so, why? 

No, I can't say I really do. I started bouncing around genres to see if I had a niche. At this point though I just enjoy trying to write vastly different books.

What did you enjoy most about writing your book?

Generally, I have to stick to an outline, almost religiously. My mind wanders and I find myself rambling on the paper. With this one I was just able to let it flow without an outline at all.  

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer? 

When I was a little kid I always admired my mother for how much she read. She would read for hours every single day. She also owns hundreds of books and had massive bookshelves to hold them all. I remember looking up at the shelves and dreaming of having my name on them one day. Even now it's amazing to see my name looking out at me at bookstores.

Can you tell us about your writing process? Where do your ideas originate? Do you have a certain writing routine? 

My ideas come to me pretty randomly, so there isn't much of a story there. But, I ALWAYS write early in the morning. I will get up around six in the morning, make some coffee, and write in my recliner until my family gets up.

How do you research your books? 

I'll talk to people that are close to me that I know have a lot of knowledge in areas important to the book. Of course, I also use the internet. This book was pretty sketchy to research! Looking up things like, "fatal stab wound areas on the human body" probably raises some red flags somewhere.

What did you find most challenging about writing your book? 

I know you're probably looking for a deep answer here, but in reality it was just life. I have a rather demanding full time job, close friends, I'm married with a stepson, and have a baby on the way. Life is just a lot busier now than it used to be and is increasingly difficult to find time to write. Usually a bit of sleep is sacrificed.  

Are you working on another book? 

I have a few things in the works, yes. They are all very rough at this point though so I'll let everyone know if they become more well rounded! 

Death Do Us Part is available on Amazon

Not all love stories are happy. Not all tragedies are sad. Not everyone is exactly how they seem, and not every story goes exactly how you would think.

For Mark, life was easy, and he was content... He had no way of knowing he was truly empty inside until he stumbled upon something that made him feel more alive than ever before. Once he felt that way, he could never go back.

A modern tale of love, sex, murder, and everything in between.

About the Author

Dropping out of high school at sixteen and getting his GED and attending college at seventeen, Bailey has always had an avid interest in writing. He grew up mainly around Michigan, eventually settling in the Upper Peninsula. Bailey left college to peruse a career in the military but was medically discharged shortly afterwards. He is now an award-winning blogger/critic, established self-published author, successful entrepreneur, and lives in South Dakota where he is happily married and building a family.

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