Monday 4 March 2019

Book Spotlight: The Crafting of Chess

Today I have another book spotlight, on the young adult, GameLit, science-fantasy novel, The Crafting of Chess by Kit Falbo. Enjoy.

The Crafting of Chess by Kit Falbo

Nate wants more to life than moving from town to town, hustling chess with his con-man grandfather or wagering pick-up games online. A new immersive game opens up the chance to bring in a steady paycheck. Maybe enough to convince his grandfather to stay straight. Little does he know how his actions will change his life.

The Crafting of Chess is available at

About the Author

Kit Falbo is a stay at home father who loves reading and writing Science fiction and fantasy. He spends his time in the pacific northwest, enjoying the gray skies. That is when he is not playing games and hanging out with his children.

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