Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Book Spotlight: The Death Chute

Today I have another book spotlight, this time for the ghostly horror novella, The Death Chute by Ambrose Stolliker. Enjoy.

The Death Chute by Ambrose Stolliker

When his mother, Sophia, is diagnosed with an aggressive form of dementia, 44-year-old reality television producer Jake Porter is forced to leave Hollywood and return to his native Vermont to look after her. His plan is to quickly set her up in a posh new retirement community in the Green Mountains and then head back to Los Angeles to revive his career, which is now in jeopardy after his last few projects bombed in spectacular fashion with TV audiences.

But when he learns that the retirement community was once a tuberculosis sanatorium where many patients died of the dreaded disease, Jake is uneasy at the prospect of leaving Sophia on her own. Only the assurances of the community's chief medical officer, Diane Barrett, convince Jake that his mother will be in good hands. Not long after she's moved in, however, Sophia has the first of many frightening experiences when she encounters the apparition of a little boy suffering from TB. At first, Jake dismisses her story as a symptom of her dementia, but as time goes on, it becomes clear the rest home houses dark secrets and is haunted by something strange and terrible. 

The Death Chute is available on Amazon

About the Author

Ambrose Stolliker lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and son. He is the author of two horror novellas, Old Hollow (2018) and The Death Chute (coming April 9, 2019), both from indie publisher Aurelia Leo LLC. His short stories can be seen in Stupefying Stories Magazine, WEIRD CITY, the Tales to Terrify podcast from District of Wonders, Creepy Campfire Quarterly, Ghostlight Magazine, Sex and Murder Magazine, Hungur Magazine, Sanitarium Magazine, The Tincture Journal, Charon Coin Press’ State of Horror: Louisiana, Volume II anthology and DAOwen Publications’ horror anthology Muffled Scream I: Corner of the Eye. Mr. Stolliker is a former newspaper and magazine journalist and currently works in digital marketing at a global technology company in Seattle.

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