Sunday 13 March 2011

Sharp, Clever Science Fiction: A Review of Ebocloud

My Book Review of Ebocloud by Rick Moss:

I’m not certain whether Ebocloud is science fiction, social commentary, a literary novel or a wonderful amalgamation of all. Some of my favourite things are in the book: art, jazz, subversive, satirical and philosophical thought on science, science fiction and family. Throw in a little society altering technology, a mysterious arsonist and you have a superbly fascinating novel.

The book begins with Ellison Luber, a successful artist and his girlfriend, Charlotte. His life changes radically after an unexplained fire destroys his home and Charlotte goes missing. In his search for answers he finds Charlotte’s secretive family, the enigmatic Radu, (the genius behind the social network revolution, ebocloud), and more questions. Slowly the threads of the mystery unravel and threaten to topple everything.

The author of Ebocloud, Rick Moss, has built multiple layers and delights with each turn of the page, and immerses the reader in world both cerebral and gripping. The characters and the underlying narrative of collective techno-culture are the best parts of this novel, but the style, told with an innovative and juxtaposed form, lends the book an intelligent tone. This author uses several plot devices, including imparting the story of a fictional sci-fi novel, to deftly propel the tale to its conclusion.

There was some minor discontent, as I sometimes found the “novel within the novel” slightly less interesting than the main plotline -although it made an intriguing contrast and parallel- and I’m not certain I agreed with the well-written ending. But on the whole I loved the book and highly recommend it.

For more on the book and author check out my spotlight:


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

When it comes to writing great reviews, you're my hero, Anita. Rick's book sounds great.

A. F. Stewart said...

Yes, it is great. I just loved it.

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