Saturday 19 March 2011

Unique Sci-Fi: A Review of 300 Nights

My Book Review of 300 Nights by Kriss Perras Running Waters:

300 Nights by Kriss Perras Running Waters is a high-tech cyberpunk end-of-the-world story with a style that fluctuates between tech-speak and hard-boiled thriller. It even has some surreal and satirical musings in the mix.

300 Nights tells two parallel stories set in the near future: one in the underground cyber security complex of COG and the other above the surface in the everyday world. Both places come under threat, one from a horrific natural disaster, and the other from a hacker breach.

The pace of the novel is fast and hard (if occasionally disjointed) with information popping at the reader rapidly. Normally I might find such a narrative disconcerting, but it does seem to work as a whole for this book. The author does a nice job with the tension and suspense and maintaining the forward momentum.

The tone of the book is distinctive, perhaps even experimental, and this is definitely not a character driven novel with deep angst and moral conflict. The characters here all about action and reaction; it is the plot that’s the primary focus. However, you do get suitable characterization blended with some nice metaphor and social commentary.

I think the story could have benefitted from a little more background on the interconnected government and security complex as well as the world catastrophe; I was left with some questions and I thought there were a few loose ends dangling. Also, I felt the narrative lagged a bit towards the end, but it did pick up for the taut finale.

Overall, 300 Nights is an intriguing sci-fi novel with an interesting voice and I enjoyed reading it.

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Joylene Nowell Butler said...

It never fails to amaze me just how imaginative some writers are. Kriss' story does sound very unique.

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