Monday 13 June 2011

Falling into Darkness: A Review of End of Mae

My Book Review of End of Mae by Angela Yuriko Smith:

End of Mae by Angela Yuriko Smith is an intriguingly delightful paranormal novel, with a surreal, creepy edge. It has a fast pace, a breezy tone, plus just the right touch of black humour and dark thrills.

The book tells the tale of Mae, a plucky, small-time reporter out to find her “big story”. What she finds instead is a vicious attacker and a strange world of trouble. One she might not be able to leave behind.

The author has a nice turn of phrase for setting a scene and a deft hand at weaving a character. Her villain, Heylel is sinister, complex and not the sort you want to meet in a dark alley, while the heroine, Mae, is feisty, flawed and maybe just a touch self-delusional. Her objectivity and judgement is definitely way off when it comes to handsome men. Both characters interact well and hold your interest.

The plot is solid, a nice straight line to a conclusion that was not quite what I had been expecting. The ending, which I loved, gives a creepy, edgy finish, sprinkled with black humour. It left me wondering if Heylel might have bitten off more than he counted on with Mae.

I did find the book probably could have benefited from more length; the lead up to the closing scenes seemed rushed and Mae’s sudden about face toward Heylel didn’t ring as true as it should have to me. And I would have liked some more background on the dark world Mae fell into; the author dishes out tantalising, mysterious glimpses that left me wanting to know additional details. Perhaps I can hope for a sequel.
Overall, though, End of Mae was very entertaining and I can easily recommend it.

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Anonymous said...

Nice review! I also promised the author I'd read and review this book soon. Seeing as you seem to like many of the same authors as me I think I should enjoy it as well.

Angela Yuriko Smith said...

Thanks for the great review, it was an pleasure to be featured here. You're a credit to the indie community!

A. F. Stewart said...

It was a delight to review your book, Angela.

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