Wednesday 29 June 2011

Storytime Wednesday: Satan’s Mirror by Roxanne Smolen

Welcome back to Storytime Wednesday, where we fire your imagination with the words from writers who share their stories or book excerpts.
Today's guest writer is Roxanne Smolen, with an excerpt from her chilling book, Satan's Mirror.

Excerpt of Satan’s Mirror  

Vanessa walked as if condemned, her limbs stiff, her gait slow. Dust kicked up, tainting the stale air, and she wondered if the stench of brimstone would soon replace such mundane odors.
She paused at the staircase, listening, gazing upward, drawn like a dog to a harsh master. As if her sandals were mired in muck, she climbed the stairs. No one spoke, but she heard quick breathing and knew the group was excited, anticipating a great show. She shuddered with an unwelcome thought--not all of them would be leaving tonight. The devil was hungry.
At the upstairs landing, she hesitated. Joey slipped his arm about her as if to keep her from running. She shrugged him off. "This way," she said, entering a room on the right. She glanced about. Yes, this was the place. "Do you have the powder?"
The boy rummaged inside his sack, pulling out a pouch of pickling alum.
Vanessa took a penknife from her pocket and punched a hole in the burlap wrapper. She drew a large pentagram on the floor with the powder.
Shoulders slumped, she held out her hand. "Candles."
"Here." The boy brought out a thick red candle. "I brought a lighter."
"It has to be wooden matches," she told him.
"I've got some." Joey rattled the box as he handed them to her.
She lit the candle. In its glow, she saw the rapt expressions of the four newcomers--three boys and one girl, their hair held back by beaded headbands, their clothing laced, not buttoned. She didn't know them. They were probably part of the multitude of college kids who flocked to Saint Augustine each spring. She wondered how much they'd paid to witness the ritual.
With the candle held sideways, she dribbled a puddle of wax onto the floor and set the candle upon a point of the pentagram. As the boy held out more candles, she set one at each of the other four points. At last, she stood back to appraise her work.
"Hand me the offering plate," she said.
He gave an excited giggle, and then pulled out an ornate brass dish on a pedestal. The discolored center boasted of service many times before. He offered it to her along with a final candle.
Vanessa knelt in the center of the pentagram. She lit the candle and set the dish over it, allowing the meager flame to heat the brass. Smoke rose, drawing leftover scents of incense and soot and blood.
From his sack, the boy drew out a baby rabbit. She cradled it in her hands, stroking it, feeling its tiny heart race in terror. She looked up with a last plea--did they really want her to do this?
The boy tossed the sack behind him and lit a joint.
Vanessa closed her eyes, wishing she were anywhere but there. She was innocent. Just doing as she was told.
The rabbit squirmed within her fingers. Nose wrinkled, she cupped the animal on its back in one hand and grasped her penknife with the other. She felt a pop as the point pierced its flesh--then she opened the rabbit from groin to gullet. Blood dripped down her wrist.
She held the creature over the offering plate and scooped out its innards with her fingers, careful to include its heart so the legs would stop kicking. The intestines sizzled as they hit the plate.
Silence filled the room.
After a moment, the boy who was passing around the joint said, "Shouldn't you say some special words?"
"Yes," Vanessa whispered. A familiar coldness coursed through her. "Be ready to run."
The wall before her shimmered as if a portion had turned to water. The patch solidified into an oval, shining like a silvery mirror--Satan's Mirror. A face grew within. Brimstone overpowered the smoke of marijuana and entrails.
Someone gasped. "Wow."
Lightheaded, Vanessa sat on her haunches. She felt both exhilarated and disgusted. She had done it--she had called forth the devil once again.
The face observed them malevolently. It looked like a caricature from a comic book--red skin, yellow eyes. Its lips parted in a sneer or a grin, showing sharp, needle-like teeth.
Vanessa froze as its gaze passed over her. Maybe if she held perfectly still, it wouldn't see her, wouldn't know she was responsible.
"Is it real?" the girl asked, her words slurred as if she were stoned.
The face in the mirror laughed and said in a voice that sounded far away, "You are so weak, yet you come so willingly."
Its words did not match its lips, and Vanessa wondered whether it was speaking English or she was merely hearing English.
The others moved as if entranced, stepping to either side of the pentagram. Vanessa looked up just as a second mirror formed in mid-air behind the boy with the joint. A bright red demon leaned out as if through an open window. It grabbed the boy before he could turn and pulled him through. The window vanished.
The girl screamed. Vanessa covered her ears. The remaining two boys scrambled around.
"What happened?" one of them yelled. "Where is he?"
In the mirror, the devil laughed.
The other boy ran toward the door. Before he could reach it, a new mirror swirled into existence, and he ran straight into the arms of a waiting demon. He struggled and kicked as it lifted him from the floor. "Help me! Don't let it take me!"
The third boy stepped forward then hesitated, his face stark with horror.
"Help me! Please!" His friend reached as if across a great distance.
The window closed on his cries.
"No!" The last boy rushed to where the mirror had been. He stared at the doorway, his face echoing a longing to go through it and a fear of being snatched if he did.
Joey leapt into the pentagram beside Vanessa, hunkering beside her. He was not grinning now.
The girl stumbled away, sobbing. She fell over the sack the first boy carried. On hands and knees, she crawled to the pentagram, blowing out the candles and shoving them into the bag. "Put it back," she said. "Put it all back."
Behind her, the air shimmered.
The boy yelped and ran out the open door, pelting down the stairs.
She looked up, her long, blonde hair spilling over her face just as the demon grabbed her. "Nooo," she wailed, trying to run away. "I'll be good. I won't do it anymore."
The demon's fingers raked her face, leaving dark trails. She screamed, arms flailing as it yanked her through the mirror. The window vanished, leaving silence.

Satan’s Mirror is available in print or ebook and can be found wherever books are sold.

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Author Bio:

Roxanne Smolen has written nine novels, all in the science fiction/horror realm. She enjoys placing ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances to see what they will do. Case in point, in her novel Satan’s Mirror, a paranormal investigator must break into hell and battle the denizens of the underworld in order to rescue her little girl. Smolen is currently writing a humorous romance in which a werewolf falls in love with a Wiccan. The Amazing Wolf Boy will be released this fall.


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If I were a horror fan, I might like this. Right now, I think it would scare me witless. I read the excerpt with one eye covered. I am a new follower and would love a follow visit on my blog. I am also having a give away and would love for you to enter. Donna

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