Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Poems for Valentine's Day

Two poems with edge.
For a not quite sweet celebration of Valentine's Day:


Sometime it lingers for just a summer...
Sometimes it stays until the end of winter...

Passion, ardour, tenderness.
It is plump with caprice and surprise,
often gentle, warm, in understanding.
It can explode like one thousand suns
radiating through your every pore
with such fiery intensity and fusion.
Or it can die, a sharp excruciating pain,
ripped from your cold, shattered heart.
A metamorphosis of miracle, changing
its face from intimate to envy to passion,
a silver spider web of diamonds and lace.


Smashed, like glass across the floor
broken bits ground into nothing.
Once whole, now destroyed.
There is no repair, no glue,
no mending the parts back together.
It’s gone.


LM Preston said...

Love the bitter and the sweet. Happy Valentine's Day!

A. F. Stewart said...

And a Happy Valentine's Day to you.

PT Dilloway said...

Nice poems, kind of shows both ends of the spectrum. Happy Valentine's Day! Do you guys do the box of chocolates and flowers in Canada or does your lover go out and shoot a caribou to cook for dinner? (Teasing.)

A. F. Stewart said...

Happy Valentine's Day. No caribou, just flowers and chocolates, same as everybody.

Arlee Bird said...

So true. I find the day to be hyped for product sales. The merchandisers are the ones who are looking for the most love on that silly day.

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A. F. Stewart said...

True, Valentine's is very commercial.

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