Monday 8 October 2012

Mysteries and Magic: A Review of Rock of Aeons

My Book Review of Rock of Aeons by Lawrence Kapture:

I liked reading Rock of Aeons by Lawrence Kapture. It unfolded as an entertaining fantasy story with a crime noir feel, and even a dash of paranormal romance.

The book centers on Ozzie, a female bounty hunter chasing a skip named Hank who is more than he seems.  Soon her life is full of paranormal creatures, namely mythological Djinn and Angels, and she is smack in the middle of their war looking for a way out alive.

The author does an excellent job with the mythological aspects of the book, grounding them in their origins before putting his own spin on myths and legends. This lends the supernatural nature of the book a legitimate tone and the magic doesn’t seem forced or fake.

I also found the romantic relationship realistic; there were no rushed feelings or artificial interactions. In addition the circumstances that drive the plot flow naturally and the decisions made by the main character seem neither too phony nor too altruistic.  The characters all have a slight tinge of ambiguity and there is no overt “good vs. evil”, yet the authors still maintains a clear separation of “good guys" and "bad guys”.

Altogether I found Rock of Aeons to be well-written, nicely plotted and I recommend it as a book worth reading.

Rock of Aeons is available on Amazon:

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