Wednesday 19 June 2013

A Trip to the Time Traveller's Reunion-Part Three

A Trip to the Time Traveller's Reunion-Part Three

Sunday was a busier day than Saturday, with more activity as people flitted around Sherbrooke Village to tour the town and see the steampunk workshops. And there is much to see in the Village, including the well-stocked General Store, St. Mary's Printery, the Sherbrooke Drug Store (where they demonstrate the making of Sherbrooke Village Rosewater Hand Cream) and one of the favorites of the weekend, the Ambrotype Photography Studio.

The studio is on the second floor of the General Store, run by two charming ladies, where visitors can learn about photographic techniques of the 1800s and have their ambrotype picture taken with the 1905 AGFA Camera (ambrotype photography was invented by sculptor Frederick Scott Archer in 1852, and is a unique form of photography in which pictures are taken on glass.). The end result is an amazing old-fashioned photographic treasure.

I was back at the vendor booth on Sunday morning, and then at noon I hosted a workshop on writing in the steampunk genre that was terrific fun. There were great insightful questions and discussions from the people that attended the workshop, and I enjoyed it very much.

After my workshop, I managed to catch the last few minutes of the costuming tutorial, (alas, I had to miss most of the talk as it was scheduled at the same time as mine, but I still got to see a bit about the history of bustles). Then I attended the Mad Medicine and Strange Surgeries presentation, a thoroughly fascinating and entertaining discourse about Victorian medicine and surgery. Other workshops that happened on the weekend included Steampunk 101, Steampunk Songwriting, Phantastical Contraptions & Steampunk Curiosities and an Open House at the Sherbrooke Village Wardrobe Department.

My Sunday wrapped up back at the vendor room, and then a quick, early supper at the What Cheer Tea Room. As my friends and I had several hours of driving ahead, we left Sherbrooke Village before the closing ceremonies unfortunately (although we did see a bit of the Promenade), but it was a wonderful weekend nonetheless.

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