Wednesday 19 November 2014

Drabble Wednesday: Unruffled Gulls

We’re going to the birds today with a short series I wrote based on photograph of a flock of seagulls (not the one pictured, but one similar).

Unruffled Gulls- Part One

Somewhere on a dock, a flock of gulls gather...

“I dare say, Percy, there is merit to your argument that subverting the individual nature within a group dynamic may stagnate creativity and innovative development.  However, too much individuality could lead to chaos and anarchy.  The good of the group must be considered.”
“A fair point, Nigel old bean, perhaps an equitable balance of the two is more in order.  A cohesion, if you will.”
“I loathe ending this philosophical chat,” Pip interrupted, “but I spy an approaching tourist with a camera.  Time to flap our feathers and pose for pictures.”

Unruffled Gulls- Part Two

Again, the flock of gulls gather...

“Can you believe the nerve of that pelican?  Ordering us from the garbage can as if it was his personal property!   The nerve, I say.  I am quite perturbed about the whole matter!”
“Yes, Nigel, he was terribly rude.  I dare say he would have resorted to fisticuffs, had the rest of the flock not “had our back” as they say.”
“No doubt, Percy, he was most uncouth and course.  I wonder where he came from?  I haven’t spied him about town before today.”
“I believe I heard he originated from the Jersey Shore.”

Unruffled Gulls- Part Three

This time the gulls gather for dinner...

“I say Percy, you have outdone yourself with this lunch repast.  How on earth did you manage to find all this lovely food?   Why there’s grilled fish, fish with a lemon and dill sauce, salmon patties and more.  And enough for all.”
“Why thank you, Nigel, you are too kind.  It was a bit of luck.  I hit an odd gust that turned me about and I ended here at this rather quaint seafood restaurant.  Their dumpster certainly is a smorgasbord of delights.  Tomorrow I heard they’re serving a fish bouillabaisse.”
“How wonderful.”


Ken Magee said...

Great drabbles... it's good to hear about life from the gull's point of view.

A. F. Stewart said...

Thanks, Ken.

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