Friday, 14 November 2014

Book Spotlight: Spirits of Vengeance: The Stone of Spirits

Today is the first half of a two part double feature with author Andrew John Rainnie. In this segment I bring you a book spotlight on his fantasy novel, Spirits of Vengeance: The Stone of Spirits, which launches today.

Spirits of Vengeance: The Stone of Spirits by Andrew John Rainnie

In the distant land of Enara, the religious zealot Lord Malenek marches across the continent of Amaros, cleansing the world with his army of Vengeance Spirits. Standing in his way is an unlikely adversary, Kamina Elloeth, a young tree elf who becomes unwittingly embroiled in Malenek’s plans. She embarks on a quest with her ghostly brother and a mysterious Ishkava Ranger to find an ancient artifact, which may be the key to stopping Malenek’s destructive schemes. Facing her fears, Kamina travels over oceans and deserts, fighting through swamps and jungles to unearth the power hidden within the Stone of Spirits.

You can find  Spirits of Vengeance: The Stone of Spirits at:

The author also plans on releasing a free book of short stories, Tales of Vengeance, to accompany the main novel and expand upon his exciting new fantasy world.

Author Bio:

Andrew John Rainnie is a Scottish novelist, screenwriter, and filmmaker. He has an MA. Joint Honours in English Literature and Film & TV Studies from the University of Glasgow, and an MA/PGDip in Screenwriting from Bournemouth University. He has written and directed a number of short films, which have shown at festivals around the globe. His last, The Collector, based on a short story by Jonathan Lethem, was shown at the London East End Film Festival, the London Short Film Festival, and Aesthetica Film Festival in York.
After working as a media analyst and script reader in London for six years, Andrew quit the rat race and embarked on an epic around the world adventure, details of which were published in a compendium of his travel blogs, titled My Right Leg Is Tastier Than My Left. During that journey, he finished writing a passion project, his first fantasy novel, Spirits of Vengeance: The Stone of Spirits.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for part two, when I present an interview with this talented author.

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