Wednesday 10 June 2015

Drabble Wednesday: The Glade

Today on Drabble Wednesday, it’s something a bit different. Three separate stories (the last story is longer than 100 words, but I didn't want it shortened, so I left it) all based on the same picture, the one posted below. I hope you enjoy…

After the Night

The early morning light washed away the night shadows and all trace of the visitors. A low, audible vibration, almost melancholic, settled in the air. The sound prevented any silence, dangling gravely in the air.
They knew. They knew what happened in the night.
A mellow breeze blew through the feathery branches and ruffled the grass. Particles stirred, movement, silver reflections in the daylight. A small noise, much like the sound of weeping, came from the trees.
The hoary dust scattered, floated into sunbeams and dispersed, carried away by the wind.
Lost forever.
Those desiccated remains of the murdered fairy.


She stood outside the circle of burgeoning sunlight. She felt braver in the shadows; the sombre darkness matched her cold grief. Dew dampened her slippers, wet the edge of her dressing gown, but she didn’t care.
She stared at the tree, so strong, so beautiful. She fought the urge to scratch its bark with her fingernails, to find an axe and chop it down. It wasn’t the tree’s fault.
It was his. His for being lost and weak, for… no it wasn’t his fault either. He wanted the pain to stop. She understood now.
That’s why she brought the gun.


The tire swing used to hang from that branch.
The old man shuffled forward, leaning on his cane, the woolen throw on his shoulder flapping a bit. He stepped cautiously, shading his eyes from the sun and taking care not to slip in the damp grass.
It wouldn’t do to break a hip at my age.
He stopped by the tree and leaned to catch his breath, looking out at the glade.
That’s where Mary Louise skinned her knee. Maybe I shouldn’t pulled her pigtail. She got me back though. Jumping out from those bushes.
Slowly he spread out the throw and lowered himself to sit and rest. He closed his eyes.
I’ll just take a nap until the family shows up for the picnic.

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