Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Drabble Wednesday: Mishmash

An apology is needed, as I totally forgot to write some new drabbles for today's post (in part to the good news that one of my story submissions was accepted). So I dig into the vault today, and pull out some stories and dust them off...

He Had A Dream

Professor Maynard P. Gimmell built a spaceship, a green platypus-shaped spaceship, and no one knew why, not even the professor.  One morning he awoke with a burning desire to build, so he went to work and declared, “I’m going to build a rocket to the stars!”
After three years, seven months, two days and forty minutes, he finished and launched himself into the cosmos, leaving behind colleagues green with envy.
So what was the Professor’s motivation?
Some say it was the call of strange aliens, some say he watched too many cartoons with his grand-kids.  Only the universe knows now.

Avoid the Lure of the Free Cookie

A poet decides?
Who the heck made that rule?
How did I get roped into this crazy contest anyway?
I mean, all I wanted was a free chocolate chip cookie, so why am I locked in this hut with twenty writers, twenty-one pieces of paper and three crayons?
Oh, why must there be chaos and in-fighting as we jockey over the crayons?  Why must some dangle their participles?
And why does it have to be a poet that decides the winning entry?
Most of all, why did I let Tom and Jeannie talk me into appearing on Survivor: Writers Island?

Meeting Up With Your Ideal Supernatural Mate

These days, the hot new trend for women is to connect with that sizzling vampire, half-demon, slayer, fallen angel or even have that kinky zombie fling.  However, dating the paranormal has its pitfalls.

Some advice on things to avoid if looking to date that supernatural cutie:

  •      Creatures with excessive drooling
  •      Requests to “hook up” with his vampire pals
  •      Any rendezvous in a dark alley
  •      Offers of dark-coloured or strange looking drinks
  •      Dates in unfamiliar places
  •      Suggestions to meet “the family”
  •      Any and all “road trips”

So use your common sense and be safe.

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