Wednesday 25 January 2017

Drabble Wednesday: Deception

Today on Drabble Wednesday, things may not be what they seem... Beware deceivers and tricksters.

The Forever Promise

Ashes and dust.
I leaned against the tree, unable to look back at the house, knowing what I had done. The consequence of what I set in motion.
I never expected to be happy here.
I sighed, and straightened my spine. None of it mattered now.
Soon everything will be over. My duty kept and my oath sealed to fate.
“Anora! There you are.”
The sweet voice of my husband. I turned and smiled. Always the deceiver.
He loves me. I love him. That will change soon. My curse will descend tonight and doom us both to a living hell.


Don’t Con the Wrong Guy

We made a big mistake
It was supposed to be a quick job. In and out. Scam the rich guy of some money and hightail it. My partner and I figured it for an easy job on an easy mark.
Like I said, we made a big mistake.
It started same as always, lay on the lies and watch the sucker fall for it. Only... he never quite showed the money. Always with the excuse.
He played us. Isn’t that funny?
Now my partner’s dead, and I’m being hunted.
Seems Loki doesn’t like it when you attempt to swindle him.


Upstanding Citizen

I straightened the plaque on the wall. An award I accepted at last night’s fund raiser dinner for a local charity. I smiled.
Humanitarian of the Year.
Another one for my collection. Throw some money at the right people and they reward you with shiny engraved metal fastened on a bit of polished wood. But they never look closely at who you really are.
They should. For I picked up something for my other collection last night as well. A pretty dark-eyed something called Sylvie. Only she’s not so pretty this morning.
The dead never are.
And Sylvie’s very dead.

© A. F. Stewart 2017 All Rights Reserved

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