Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Drabble Wednesday: Silent Stars and Skies

Today on Drabble Wednesday look to the sky...

Instant Nightmare

Help me!
Someone, anyone! I can see you. Down there on the street. Look up! Someone look up!
A downdraft blew across the sidewalk stirring dust. A man clamped a hand on his hat and a child jumped over a gusting newspaper. He was rebuked by his mother.
Help me! Don’t let them take me! Do something!
Another flurry of wind blustered over the gathered crowd.
Please do something! Help me! Save me!
They all stared at the body. One whispered, “He just collapsed. So sudden.”
While above it all, black winged creatures dragged the man’s soul higher and higher...


Dream a Little Dream

I used to stare into the night sky, and wish upon the stars.
I imagined the day I would fly into space, when I would soar among those pinpricks of heavenly light, exploring. My goal was to glimpse new suns, set my foot upon the dust and dirt of unfamiliar landscapes. I dreamt of discovery, delving into the mysterious beauty and strange alien existence of the universe.
I used to stare into the night sky, and wish upon the stars.
Before I knew what was out there.
Before they came to our planet.
Before we became their new feeding ground.


Mission Alpha

“Twinkle, twinkle little star
Above our world, so near, so far
Like a time bomb in the sky
Boom, boom, and now we die.”
First Engineer ZYF779 scowled, or as close to the expression as an android could approximate. “Stop being so morbid. The Sunstar Station hasn’t gone critical yet. We can fix the reactor before it detonates.”
Second Engineer THX732 turned away from the transport window. “Yes. This time. But you know the moon colony is living on borrowed time without an upgrade.”
“Well, that’s not going to happen. We’ve been abandoned by Earth Command.”
“Twinkle, twinkle little star.” 

© A. F. Stewart 2017 All Rights Reserved

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