Wednesday 1 March 2017

Drabble Wednesday: Past Silliness

Today on Drabble Wednesday I yank a few things out of the vault due to a busy schedule. Read on for some silliness...

 Lassie Comes Home

Across a field of emerald grass, a white and golden collie loped, barking furiously. The tired farmer, Jim, looked up from his weeding and sighed.
“Dagnabbit, Timmy’s down the well again!”
“Shoot!” His wife spit on the ground. “That’s the second time this week, Clem. I don’t know what we’re going to do about him.”
Jim let out another sigh. “Yep. Our alien masters missed the mark cloning that boy. He’s dumb as a sack of rocks.” He waved to the dog, who stopped and sat back on his haunches. “Come on, Lassie, show me where he is this time.”


Just Short of Eureka

Being sheriff of Dry Patch ain’t easy. Not with these crazy inventors running ‘round the town making wild contraptions near every week. Lands sakes, today they had a three wheeled stagecoach running down Main Street!
Course now, those mad scientists did come in handy the time I had to arrest Black-Eyed Pete. Those tin-plated smoke gadgets they conjured flushed out that outlaw from the stables slick as could be, and the varmint stumbled out a coughin’ like he had the consumption.  
Now if I could just get ‘em to stop explodin’ things, the town would be a mite more peaceful.


Talking with Fish

Stupid nosy neighbour!  A pox on him and his dumb cell phone! A person can’t leave their kitchen curtains open these days!
He showed me the video yesterday. Clear as day, with me using my magic pendant while chatting with Percy, my talking, puce-coloured carp. I tried to laugh it off, but conjuring a shower of gold from thin air is hard to explain.
The weasel threatened to sell the video to the tabloids if I don’t cut him in on the wealth. I may have to pay him off, unless I can get him to drink this poisoned tonic.

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