Wednesday 8 March 2017

Drabble Wednesday: The Realm of Gods

Today on Drabble Wednesday I take you to see deities most fierce and terrible...

The Temple

It stands tall on its island, amid the eternal snow, casting its reflection in the surrounding lake.
The Temple of the Dark Gods.
So why is it quiet? Why do its halls stay silent?
Scarlet stains coat its marble floors and foul air seeps from its walls, a rancid stench of decay. Its gods breathe no more, its rooms house corpses, not deities. Murder came to the Dark Gods and left carnage in its wake.
Their own fault, truly.
Never raise a shadow you can’t control.
They will have to give their shrine a new name.
The Temple of Death.


When Things Go Awry

I thought I had all the time in the universe.
I’m the God of Time after all.
But my existence was not quite that simple.
I found out too late.
The sands of the God of Time are running out, felled by such a spiteful thing as jealousy. I knew of my brother’s resentment, but not how the God of History wanted my place in the pantheon. He tried to steal my hourglass totem, but destroyed it instead.
Now I will soon be gone.
But I will have the last laugh. For when I die, the universe will follow.


Snows of Change

Winter followed in her footsteps.
A goddess of surreal beauty, silver hair and blue satin, swirled in snowflakes and frost, born on northern wind. Barefoot she walked, leaving a trail of prints in the falling snow that surrounded her.
She saw a man on the road, his mouth agape; the package he carried fallen unnoticed. She stopped before him, reached out, touched his cheek.
“Your world is mine now.”
His skin chilled, his blood froze, his heart turned to hoarfrost; he transformed from flesh to ice sculpture. She smiled and walked on.
The Winter Queen lived to conquer and destroy.

© A. F. Stewart 2017 All Rights Reserved

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