Friday, 27 October 2017

Book Spotlight: Under A Hunter's Moon

Welcome to Day Four of my Halloween Week!

Today I have a great spotlight, for the urban fantasy short fiction book, Under A Hunter's Moon (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels #1) by Timothy Bateson.  And be sure to check out my Instafreebie Halloween Horror Group Giveaway listed after the spotlight.  Enjoy...

Under A Hunter's Moon (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels #1)

Richard Parsons is a lupine, one of the many breeds of shape-shifters living in Seattle. Mortal legends of his kind call them werewolves.
When a traveling exhibition returns to Seattle, Richard takes a nighttime visit, with plans that go beyond seeing a particular display. However, he is unprepared for the memories and emotions that come flooding back.

Under A Hunter's Moon can be found on Amazon

(And from October 27th-31st it is free!)

Book Trailer: 

About Timothy Bateson

Timothy Bateson is a writer who broke into the market in 2014, with three short stories being featured in Halloween and science-fiction anthologies. In 2016, Bateson self-published a re-release of “Under A Hunter’s Moon”, the first of several stories set in the “Shadows Over Seattle” world, which he co-writes with his wife, Sandi.
Bateson is also a blogger who often spotlights books and fellow indie authors, alongside his other interests, such as the Brain to Books Cyber Convention events, falconry, journaling, quotes, and reading.

If you'd like to know more about the Shadows Over Seattle series, or the author, check out his links.

Author Blog: (Ramblings of an Author)
Author Website: (Timothy Bateson Sci-Fi & Urban Fantasy Author)

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And be sure to pop back tomorrow for another spotlight, for the latest book in the Birthrite series by Tiffany Apan.


Stephanie Barr said...

I love shapeshifters.

Timothy Bateson said...

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this story, Stephanie. And for those who enjoy this one, rest assured there are more stories in the pipeline, including a novel series. The Prequels are just snapshots in time from before the novel series starts, but will tie in fullly.
I’d also like to express my gratitude to our wonderful host for having me here today, and be sure to check out her appearances on “Ramblings of an Author”...

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