Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Welcome to the #OctoberFrights Blog Hop and Dusk's Warriors!

Today begins the first day of the October Frights Blog Hop!

I have a week of delights for you, as do all the are lovely authors along this dark path known as October Frights. To kick things off, I have a peek at Emerian Rich's new vampire book, Dusk’s Warriors (we are also a stop on her Blog Tour) and an excerpt.

Take it away Emerian...

Since this is a horror crowd, I thought I’d share a particularly horrifying scene from my new novel Dusk’s Warriors.

Would you agree to do the Devil’s bidding if he presented you with a choice?

Pain or compliance?

Excerpt from Dusk’s Warriors

“I see. You’re fed up. You want out. You need some convincing.” Satan smiled, double rows of sharpened teeth gleaming in the dim light. “I can be very convincing.”
Darkness grew in around them and the room spun. When light returned, they were in a different place. A deep pit stretched out before them with hundreds of bodies writhing in razor wire. The victims tried desperately to leave, to sit up, to extricate themselves from the wire, but could not. Bodies—bloodied and raw—undulated in the pit of hopelessness. Those that lay still appeared asleep or dead. Moans and screams echoed in the hot chamber. Ripping skin and puss-filled sores consumed Ridge’s vision as he wondered, could he withstand such pain?
“Convinced yet?”
Ridge couldn’t say a thing. He stood staring at the struggling bodies as they continued to fight their way out.
Something bit him on his right forearm and he moved his jacket sleeve up to see what it was. A rip in his skin ached and bled. Some sort of metal object protruded from the wound. Ridge plucked it from his skin, but it didn’t come free easily. Something was attached to it and seemed to drag along his bone as he pulled. Yanking harder on the piece sent waves of pain throughout his arm and body. An inhuman moan escaped him as the object tore at the inside of his arm. The cord attached, didn’t seem to end.
“Stop this!” Ridge yelled.
“It’s only one piece on one location of your body. Think if you were in it all day and all night, forever. Think of the pain. Think of the agony. Think of the places it…might…creep.”
Sharp prickles shot through Ridge’s groin and backside.
“Stop! Stop!”
“Still want to give up our deal?”
“No, stop!”
“Say it.”
“Say what?”
“Say you’ll do whatever I ask to settle us up.”
Although in immense pain, Ridge hesitated. The statement “whatever I ask” seemed too wide for him. What if it turned into an unending life sentence?
The pain increased, shooting through his right leg, making him fall to one knee.
“Okay, okay!”
“Okay what?”
“Okay, I’ll get you another soul.”
The devil smiled, placing his hand on Ridge’s shoulder. Sharp claws dug into his shoulder blade as the room dimmed. The pit and tortured souls disappeared and the light increased. They were back in Satan’s office. Stepping around Ridge to his desk, the devil sat in his chair, putting his feet up on the desk.
“Now, let’s have a coffee, shall we?”
The pain in Ridge’s limbs subsided, allowing him to stand without further trauma to his nervous system.
“Yeah,” Ridge said as he sat in an office chair, wiping sweat and blood from his brow.

Dusk’s Warriors by Emerian Rich

Heaven has opened up and welcomed the vampires of Night’s Knights into a new reality. As they struggle to find their place in their new world, trouble brews on Earth.

Demon servant, Ridge, is causing havoc by gathering up all the souls on Earth that have been touched by immortality. When he injures one of the Night’s Knights crew, he launches a war between the vampires of Heaven, the Big Bad in Hell, and a mortal street gang of vigilante misfits.

Will Julien, Markham, and Reidar be able to defeat the evil that’s returned, or will they once again need Jespa’s help?

Praise for Dusk’s Warriors:

“All hail, the queen of Night's Knights has returned! Emerian Rich's unique take on vampires delights my black little heart.” ~Dan Shuarette, Lilith's Love

“A world of horror with realistic characters in a fast paced thriller you won't be able to put down.”
~David Watson, The All Night Library

Praise for Night’s Knights: 
“Fresh, original, and thoroughly entertaining.” ~Mark Eller, Traitor

“Emerian brought the Vampire Novel back from the dead.” ~C. E. Dorsett, Shine Like Thunder

Available now at Amazon.com in print and eBook

Emerian Rich is an artist, horror host, and author of the vampire series, Night’s Knights. She is the hostess of the internationally acclaimed podcast, HorrorAddicts.net. Under the name Emmy Z. Madrigal, she writes the musical romance series, Sweet Dreams and she’s the Editorial Director for the Bay Area magazine, SEARCH. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and son.

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Winnie Jean Howard said...

Loved the lines on "Think if you were in it all day and all night, forever. Think of the pain. .." Great sneak peak!

CA Verstraete said...

Stopping by for the blog hop! Always enjoy reading something nice and creepy!

Firetulip said...

Here from the blog hop, shared and tweeted.

A. F. Stewart said...

Thanks for popping in. I've got stories tomorrow and some more spotlights for later in the week.

Anonymous said...

Well, that excerpt made me cringe quite a bit.

Unknown said...

Very visual. When a writer makes me squirm, I check out there books!

emzbox said...

Thank you for letting me guest post! :)

A. F. Stewart said...

You're welcome. Always a pleasure to have you as a guest.

chickangell said...

Love, love, love!

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