Thursday, 3 May 2018

Book Spotlight: A Fistful of Frost

Today on the blog I have a book spotlight for the new release, urban fantasy,  A Fistful of Frost by Rebecca Chastain. The book is currently on pre-order and will be release May 8th (plus there is with a Gift with Purchase promotion: anyone who pre-orders of A Fistful of Frost can receive the novelette A Fistful of Flirtation for free).  Enjoy.

A Fistful of Frost by Rebecca Chastain

Madison’s job—and her soul—are on thin ice.

Madison Fox is determined to reform Jamie, her half-evil pooka, but the bond linking her to Jamie works both ways. Already, it has manipulated her into bending the rules. If she continues down this path, she could doom her soul. Since her judgment can’t be trusted, a high-ranking inspector now dictates Madison’s every interaction with Jamie, and each directive drives them further apart.

Unfortunately, Madison has bigger issues than the potential degradation of her soul. Winter has struck with a vengeance. Frost moths plague the entire state, reinforcing the artificially frigid temperature. Worse, cold-blooded, soul-stealing enemies are flocking into her region from the north—creatures Madison has little defense against.

With the inspector scrutinizing her every misstep, Madison is in for the battle of her life. If she hopes to survive, she must make an impossible choice: save herself and her region or save Jamie.

A Fistful of Frost is available at:

Giveaway: The author is running a Gift with Purchase promotion for the pre-order—everyone who pre-orders A Fistful of Frost can receive the novelette A Fistful of Flirtation for free. This giveaway will be live from now until May 8. The details can be found here:

About the Author

Rebecca Chastain is the USA Today bestselling author of the Madison Fox urban fantasy series and the Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles fantasy trilogy, among other works. Inside her novels, you’ll find spellbinding adventures packed with supernatural creatures, thrilling action, heartwarming characters (human and otherwise), and more than a little humor. Rebecca lives in Northern California with her charming husband and two bossy cats.


Rebecca Chastain said...

Thank you for the spotlight!

A. F. Stewart said...

You are welcome.

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