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Moss and Clay Book Tour: American Legends and Urban Fantasy

Today we are a stop on the Moss and Clay (Book 1 in the Mab’s Doll Series) book tour. I spotlight this new release (out May 26th), a mythological fantasy novel by Rebekah Jonesy, as well as present a guest post by the author. Enjoy.

Moss and Clay (Book 1 in the Mab’s Doll Series) by Rebekah Jonesy

Moss, clay, and blood--that's how Gillian began.

A doll, crafted and given a mission by Danu. Given life by human and Fae blood.  First daughter of Mab, Queen of the Fae, Gillian must track down the rogue fae in the Americas and bring them back under Fae Law with only a volunteer kelpie to travel with her.

And no one knows what they’re in for. Not even the gods that sent them.

Get the free prequel story here:

The book is available at: Amazon Kindle
on pre-order until May 26th 2018 when it goes live.

And now for the guest post

American Legends and Urban Fantasy

America is a crazy, mixed up, wild combination of everything. And I love it. From the food to the language to the legends and ghost stories; America is a tossed salad of everything.

And like American salads, that isn’t always a healthy thing.

Because what happens when you run into a four legged creature that stands taller than your car, has rows of sharp teeth, sounds like it has hooves, and is being chased by a thunderstorm? Do you cover your ears? Do you make the sign of the cross? Do you offer it three drops of blood? Or do you make sure you do not make contact of any kind?

Well that depends on if it is a bäckahäst, a kelpie, a nøkk, or a nix. In a land of mixed cultures like America is, it only makes sense that all of their monsters and legends should follow. But if that holds true then how is anyone supposed to know how to identify and protect themselves from the complex variations of imported or domestic legends?

Because of course, America had its own legends and myths before the Europeans came sailing in. What if the four-legged creature wasn’t a creature at all. But was instead a Navajo witch called a skin-walker?

Let’s just hope it’s a werewolf instead. We all know how to deal with those. Right?


But America has a thousand such stories. Some very similar to each other. The White Ladies and La Llorona. Hasn’t everyone heard the ghost story of the local woman that drowned and still walks the river looking for her child? Some of those stories say that if she notices you she will start to scream and wail and you’ll be frozen in place, just like the banshees of Scotland.
We’re Americans though, so we don’t just stick to the old stories. Instead we make up new ones. The black eyed children that have to be invited in to do God knows what to you. The Slenderman myth that took on such a brutal life of its own when two girls committed murders to appease him. The Rake that sits at the foot of your bed and steals your ability to move and possibly even your life force. The black dog that chases down truckers and is an omen of imminent death. These are all new legends, birthed by Americans themselves. We have so many now that we even created a new term that covers all of them. Creepy Pasta.

It’s a crazy, mixed up, wild combination of everything. And I love it. Which is why I started a new urban fantasy series to address as many as possible. I’m not just relying on myself, though. I’ve started a Facebook group where we can all tell and share the stories we know and love. And I would love it if you would join me. Share your stories and read mine. Cause how else are you going to learn the difference between a pooka and a nix?

About the Author

Rebekah Jonesy knows stuff about things and isn't afraid to talk and write about it. Outside of the literary world, she is a mad scientist cook, gardener, Jill of all trades, and military spouse. Inside the literary world she is a devourer of books, publisher, and mentor.

“Rebekah has the best kind of rabies”- JD Estrada You can follow author Rebekah Jonesy at Twitter, Facebook, join her reader’s group, or her blog Heart Strong.

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Or check her out on Amazon, Goodreads or Smashwords 

And of course you can find her books here for the free prequel to Mab’s Doll or grab your copy of the first book of the series, Moss and Clay 

And check out the other awesome stops in the Moss and Clay tour.

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