Wednesday, 14 October 2020

October Frights Day 5: Dark Poetry Corner

Today it is time for my annual dark poetry corner, and I have three offerings for you today. I'm stepping away from witches today into the macabre magic of the undead and the Fae. Enjoy.

Bleed Me to Life



written within the tomb

Saddened fatality

beneath the moon

Who am I,

to stalk the shadows?

Who am I,

but a corpse


Blood through the veins

Substance to hunger

You are Life

I am Death

You always crave

what you cannot have


A momentary glimpse;

the warmth of breath

against decaying skin

when I hold you, mesmerized

Your lifeblood stolen

to feed my eternity


It is not enough,

our flirting dance,

your poignant demise

Even though you've given

me this façade of life,

prolonged my existence

I long to join you

in life or death

Not this forever in-between



As the Shadows Dance


As the shadows dance

under the moon,

against shafts of light

reflecting fire,

the whispering wind

murmurs the names

of the wandering Fae


Among the trees, they move,

one with the night,

sapphire eyes searching

for the ghosts lingering

on the edge of forever


Left there long ago

by careless words

and broken hearts

Suspended souls, waiting

for broken Fae promises

to be kept


Now it is time

for the reaping

Now it is time

for the payment come due


The night wails

for the lost souls,

The night mourns

as the Fae collect

And the wind howls;

the last sound of

human trust

Breathless and Chilled


In the shadow of the frost,

a last whisper past the twilight,

there creeps a sigh

and a glimmer of the moon


Once he held a rose,

the warmth around his heart,

now he sees only ghosts

in the barren, solitary tomb

underneath the ice


Winter blows,

down the long road

Winter settles,

in the truth

And her voice echoes,

in his lies

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Lyssa Medana said...

Thank you, I loved them, especially the fae - taking their tithe?

A. F. Stewart said...

Glad you enjoyed.

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