Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cyber Style: A Review of The Beauty of Our Weapons

My Book Review of The Beauty of Our Weapons by M. Darusha Wehm:

The Beauty of Our Weapons by M. Darusha Wehm is the third novel in the author’s Andersson Dexter series and proved to be as an enjoyable read as the previous two books. And once again, this book overflows in a fascinating futuristic world mix that blurs the line between the virtual and real.

This time around, the author switches it about a bit with a plot centering on the crime of cyber hacking/vandalism instead of murder. Our intrepid detective, Dex, investigates a case of a mysterious hacker, who has inexplicably altered the in-world virtual meeting space of a religious group. The ensuing investigation uncovers more acts of cyber-vandalism and a disturbing trend that could mean trouble for Dex and his friends.

I found The Beauty of Our Weapons a bit quieter than the first two books, though no less satisfying a read. The focus on character development shines stronger in this book, with introductions of new intriguing people and the bringing back of old familiar faces. It also had a surprising, but pleasant, return to one of the subplots from the first book, which I thought closed; this creative twist opened up a fresh dynamic that hopefully will explored further in more books. I also liked the plot evolution at the end of storyline that promises to shift the characters out of their accustomed world and into a new adventure.

As usual Ms. Wehm has created a story you can jump into and characters to embrace, with interesting insights on society; her books reflect on today’s current state and probe any possible future.  The Beauty of Our Weapons is an easy recommend, as is the entire series.

The Beauty of Our Weapons is available at Smashwords and Amazon

Note: The Beauty of Our Weapons is the third book in a series and does read best as such, but it does work as a standalone book as well.

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