Monday, 26 March 2012

Paranormal Adventures: A Review of Bitten by K. Drollinger

My Book Review of Bitten by K. Drollinger:

Bitten by K. Drollinger is a reasonably entertaining and charming paranormal novel. It is freely sprinkled with vampires, werewolves and their friends, all traipsing through harrowing escapades and a bit of romance.

Bitten is the sequel to Enthralled and while it can be read on its own as I did, it’s probably best for the books to be read in sequence. I felt like I started reading in the middle of a story, although the author does a reasonable job of providing enough back-story to make events comprehensible. The book continues the story of Annette and the werewolves Flynn and Conrad as they deal with aftermath of events in Enthralled, and an old vampire menace still looms.

I found the supernatural background of the novel nicely fashioned and well blended into “normal reality”; there was a valid sense of the two worlds interacting and reacting. Plus, the book’s characters come off as genuine as they deal with problems both mundane and paranormal and I found the interpersonal relationships especially intriguing. It was this engaging setting and its appealing denizens that easily captured my attention for the first half of the book.

Unfortunately, I did find my interest waned somewhat as the novel progressed. I thought the plot setup and denouement a bit predictable (the end sequence was telegraphed earlier in the novel) with a surprising lack of tension for my taste. And I felt the concluding twist, while interesting, seemed inevitable and unsurprising.

Overall though, I did enjoy reading Bitten and it would probably appeal to fans of the paranormal genre.  It gets a minor recommend.

Bitten is available through Smashwords, B&N Nook, Kobo and Amazon

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